Is Your Inciting Incident Strong Enough?

Approaches to Storycraft

The Inciting Incident is the first major turning point of a story, and it usually occurs around the 10% mark. Otherwise known as a Catalyst, this big event must be life-changing for your protagonist. If this turning point is fraught with loopholes, then your protagonist can avoid the Call to Action, and thus remain in their Current World. The story will fizzle out if that happens.

Think of the Inciting Incident as the one-way door from your protagonist’s Current World to their New World. No matter what your protagonist does, they cannot return to the status quo. This event is a game-changer.

Remember, your protagonist will be resistant to change. So any kind of event that gets him thinking he has to change his ways he will avoid like the plague. This is why your Inciting Incident has to be S T R O N G. If your protagonist can kick it to the curb he will, unless …


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