Why a positive creativity mindset is so important

Approaches to Storycraft

A positive creativity mindset is so important because it affects how you’re able to show up to your writer (creative) self, how you allow or disallow creative energy to flow through you, and the state of your creative self.

We hear a lot about obstacles such as writer’s block, “no time to write,” inability to tap into inspiration, struggles to finish a project, etc., and that these kinds of issues are supposedly enough to slow us down or stop us altogether.

As if creativity isn’t a part of you that you actually have control over.

But the truth is that whether you hit writer’s block, struggle with finishing or with time, the root problem is a lack of connection between your real-world and creative selves. Since your creativity is a part of your whole being-ness, you actually have a CHOICE on how you’re going to show up every single day.

In fact, your creativity is such a huge part of your whole being, that when you don’t nurture it you can feel negative side effects in other areas of your real-world self.

Everyone has a creative self.

Some are more tapped into it than others, but everyone is creative in some way. When we feel negative emotions about our creativity (like, thinking we’re not creative), then this limiting belief will play out in our lives, getting us to think we’re not smart, we aren’t good at home décor, we’re bad cooks, we can’t draw, and on and on and on.

When you’re feeling low about your performance in your real world, take a hard look at how . . .


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