Why you should know your writing purpose

Approaches to Storycraft

One of the top struggles I hear about from writers is the inability to finish a project. Reasons run the gamut from “not having enough time” to “lost confidence.” Rather than tangling ourselves up with figuring out methods on HOW to finish, I want you to focus on WHY you are a writer.

Because writing purpose is the foundation of your journey.

Your purpose is what drives you. Your purpose is what keeps you motivated. Your purpose is what supports and encourages you through the tough spots.

You have to ask yourself:

  • “Why am I a writer?”
  • “Why is this story rattling around in my soul?”
  • “Why is this story keeping me up at night?”
  • “What do I see myself, as a writer, doing in five years? Ten?”
  • “How will I feel if I don’t write?”
  • “How does writing make me feel when it’s going well? When it’s going not so well?”

If you can figure any of that out—and hopefully your answers aren’t tied in any way to making a lot of money, because that’s not going to happen, certainly not with your first publication—you have then found the motivation to finish your project. To get your butt in the chair and write every single day.


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