Dare to be a Voice is Published

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Huzzah! Dare to be a Voice is officially published in both e-book and print versions. This would make an EXCELLENT gift for someone in your life who LOVES animals, who LOVES our planet, and who WANTS to read some fun, creative stories by talented young writers!

Here are the links:

Dare to be a Voice — Paperback

Dare to be a Voice — Digital

If you are interested in helping share this book to your family and friends, that would be amazing! Give me a shout below if you’d like to be a part of our street team!

DON’T FORGET! Proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to two non-profit organizations: World Wildlife Fund and Center for Wildlife. Both organizations are committed to protecting our planet for future generations (that means OUR kids and grandkids because we are already in the throes of disaster).

This week I’m showcasing three more writers who contributed stories to this project…


Addison is eleven years old and lives in Dover, New Hampshire with her mom, dad, two cats, and one dog. In her spare time, she likes to ride horses and dance. She is also an avid reader, loves art, and likes to travel. She thanks Kate Johnston for the opportunity to be part of this conservation inspired writing project.

“As he turned to wave goodbye to his aunt and uncle, he was regretting his decision to participate in the race. He already missed his mom, but she had encouraged him to go. This kind of race was exactly what he loved to do, because it would let him put to use his engineering and technology skills. Plus, he really loved going to the beach in Florida, but lately he had noticed how crummy the ocean looked and all the trash that floated in on the tide. Winning the race would allow him to do so many good things: help protect the oceans and get his mom the medicine she needed that could get rid of the cancer.” ~ THE BIOME RACE


I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on March 30th 2009. I am nine years old, and I attend a primary school called Woodman Park School in Dover. This is my last year before graduation to the middle school. I am very friendly and really like to meet my friends and play with them.

  I like to learn new stuff and my favorite subject at school is math. I love to read books about fantasy. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. When I was three years old I went to a preschool named “Stepping Stones” in Belfast. At the age of four I began the primary school “Park Lodge” in the same town. At the age of six I moved away to New Hampshire in U.S.A. I’m still living here in Dover.

I like to bake chocolate cookies with my mom. In my free time I love to write stories and draw pictures. My favorite sport is swimming and gymnastics. Something that I really like about writing is that I can use my imagination to make up a story.

Chloe nodded. “Yes, but really stressful and a lot of work. We can’t mess up, ever. You see, unicorns have the power of fantasy and imagination. Only one unicorn is born every one hundred years. Fantasy and imagination exist in your world because of the unicorns.” Chloe proudly stroked Crystal’s nose. “You have her to thank for your books and games and dreams. Without unicorns, human beings would be without any of those things.”

“Wow. I didn’t know that,” said Amy.

“So . . . what happens if Crystal dies before her one hundred years are up?” Andrea asked fearfully.”  ~ THE SPARKLING GIRL


Xenia Pearlman is a twelve-year-old girl.  She started to play field hockey for her middle school this year and really enjoys it! Xen has been writing stories for a long time, but Garbage Planet is the first to be published. She has a kitten named Connor, who she got as a birthday present on her 11th birthday… after pestering her mom about a kitten for years.

Xen first got the opportunity to write a story for this book when she joined an after-school writing program called “Dare to Write.” When the teacher told her about the anthology and asked if anyone was interested, it was almost an immediate “Yes!” Xen loves to write and plans to continue writing stories in the future.

“Y’know where we’re going?”

“Mars.” At least, that’s what the report said that morning.

“Incorrect! We’re going to the Garbage Planet, the dump that they used to call Earth,” replied Kaya, smirking.

Cecelia laughed. “There is no such place as Garbage Planet. Officer Dell said that’s a myth.”

Kaya shook her head. “That’s what he wants everyone to think. He’s lying to you. Garbage Planet is real. But it’s getting worse every day that we don’t do something about it.” She leaned forward. “We’re going to hijack this ship, steer it to Garbage Planet, and help the people who were left behind there.”

“Slow down. Did you say people? There are people living on Garbage Planet?”

“Against their will.” Kaya grimaced. “We need your help. You can get into parts of the ship that we can’t.”

“I’m not sure. We could get into a lot of trouble . . .”

“Are you willing to be a janitor your whole life?”

“Well, no . . .”  ~ GARBAGE PLANET

You can read about the other authors here >>>


If you are interested in helping share Dare to be a Voice with your family and friends and colleagues, that would be amazing! Remember, every purchase of this book will help a species or biome in need. This is an easy way to help out the planet plus add some smiles to the faces of these young writers who worked their tails off to get this book out into the world!

Give me a shout here if you’d like to be a part of Dare to be a Voice street team!

4 thoughts on “Dare to be a Voice is Published

  1. These are wonderful profiles of your writers! They deserve to be seen more widely. How can I be part of your Dare to be a Voice street team, Kate? I can do video or little blurbs, or whatever you think would help most.

    Congratulations to you and your students on this inspiring and fantastic milestone!

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