China’s Legalization of Rhino Horn: A Detriment to Wild Rhino Populations

Environmental Awareness

This is heartbreaking news. We must put an end to the senseless greed. “Only 29,000 rhinos are left on Earth, in significantly fewer numbers than the roughly 440,000 elephants remaining. Rhino and elephant populations in Asia and Africa are in crisis primarily because of consumer demand for rhino horn and elephant ivory.”

12 thoughts on “China’s Legalization of Rhino Horn: A Detriment to Wild Rhino Populations

    1. Thank you for your rage, Debby. I’m beside myself over this. We’re too much of a modern society (China included) to still believe this nonsense over the “medicinal effects” of rhino horns (not to mention other animal parts people poach for the same silly reasons). We need to do better at raising awareness and education.

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  1. This is unbelievable. I thought countries around the globe were stopping such brutal and inhumane practices. When I was in business college, I did a research paper on poaching of elephant and rhino tusks. It was heartbreaking. I cried through most of my research, notes, and typing it up. It’s something that really hits me. Makes me angry and very sad. I sure hope this is stopped before there aren’t any rhinos left!


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