Short Story Published – “A Forgotten Way”

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“A Forgotten Way” is a story about Della, a mom who has suffered a devastating loss. Her grief and guilt are so great she is neglecting her nine-year-old daughter Julia.

The history of my childhood home inspired this fictional story of tragedy, love, and courage. Questions and mysteries surrounding my home always plagued me until Della came to me with her story.

Written words followed.


You can find the literary anthology “Wayfaring” on Amazon or through RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH.

I am offering a special bonus—if you purchase the book and review on Amazon, just tag me @katejauthor on FB or IG to let me know. I will give you a 30-minute story or creativity mindset coaching session or an editing service for free! (And yes, this is transferable! So if you have a friend who could use this bonus offer, just pass it along.)

Public reviews are the best way writers can reach readers, which is why I’m running this offer. I want to give back to readers who take the time and effort to write up a review, which is invaluable to me.

Thank you so much for following me on my writing journey!

13 thoughts on “Short Story Published – “A Forgotten Way”

  1. I tried to leave a review on Amazon the other day for a book I had recently purchased. I was sad to discover that I couldn’t leave a review because I hadn’t purchased $50 worth of product from Amazon in the last 12 months. Do you know anything about that restriction? I thought it was annoying because I may only spend that much on Amazon over 3 or 4 years.


      1. OK, so I got the dirt. This is a policy of Amazon’s that has been around for awhile. The time limit of 12 months, however, seems to be new. They imposed this policy to curtail spam reviews or fake reviews from people who did not really buy the book. The only way Amazon can know for sure if someone truly bought the book is if they bought it through Amazon itself, and then a review by that purchaser would come up as “verified purchase.” This obviously creates problems for anyone who buys the book through Barnes & Noble or other retailers.

        As far as the book you attempted to review, I’m not sure if you purchased it through Amazon. If you did, you can probably petition the right to review it as it would be “verified.” Otherwise, check out Goodreads and Bookbub and B&N. They all offer the opportunities to post reviews as long as that book in question is listed on their sites.

        Not the news you probably wanted to hear, but hopefully the book you bought is at least listed in one or more of those other sites.


      1. Oh, I know. I’m not the one who made the decision. Piscataqua Press is an indie publishing company and they are linked in some way to an independent bookstore in New Hampshire. They wanted the books on the shelves for those customers who actually walk in to their store and see and read real books. 🙂 I’ll pass along your advice though. Never know who’s willing to try something new!


  2. Hey, Kate,

    I checked out your book on Amazon. Peeked inside and read a little of your short story. I really like it a lot. Your descriptions and flow of words, and use of show, don’t tell with active verbs are awesome. Yes, I notice all of this because I’m reading a book on show, don’t tell, and I’ve been critiquing fellow authors’ chapters in the online critique site in which I’m a member. lol I’m not looking for any return favors that you’re offering if I purchase the anthology. If I get around to purchasing it and read your story, I will most certainly leave a review. Maybe in the future whenever my book(s) ever come out, you could return the review favor! 🙂

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    1. Hey there, Dorothy–
      Glad you liked your sneak peek! If you decide to purchase and review I would be happy to return the favor in terms of reviewing a book of yours. 🙂 We authors have to stick together, don’t we!


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